Remy Automotive Alternator

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This Remy Automotive Alternator fits the following vehicles

  • 325i 3.0 E90 03/07-12/11
  • 325i 3.0 E92 03/07-06/13
  • 325i 3.0 E93 03/07-12/13
  • 325i 3.0 Touring E91 09/07-06/12
Model 325i 3.0 E90
Brand Type Remy
Part Detail Plug ID:723
Part Note Pulley:PVR 6 (Clutch), With freewheel belt pulley, with integrated regulator
Size mm Belt Pulley Dia.:49
Charge Current Amps Alt. Charge AMPS:150
Output Amps/kW Voltage: 12
No of Teeth/Belts/Ribs Ribs: 6
Engine Code N53B30A, N53B30U0
Please note: this Remy Automotive Alternator has a surcharge of £54.00.
If you return your old Alternator the surcharge will be refunded.
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